Prediction of Protein-Ligand Binding Site

Main       |       Output
     Step1: Input PDBID or select a PDB file to predict.
              ※The system will automatically detect the correct of the PDB file

     Step2: Select chains to be predicted.
               ※The jmol shows 3D structure of PDB and chains will be marked color
                  when selected

     Step3: Waiting for running and it will show output when prediction completed

     This shows 3D structure of PDB and show the residues of the selected
       prediction site with color.

     This tabs show information of the prediction site ,incuding Depth, Volume,
       Predicted Residues, Protein sequence ,and the sequence region of prediction
       residues will be highlighted

     There are six kinds of physical and chemical properties.
       The red star is sequence region of the prediction of selected